Men know your roots, and you will know the essence of the Universe!

The gnostic movement “Movimiento Gnostico Switzerland” is an non-for-profit organization and sister of the Movimiento Gnositco A.C. in Mexico. Our goal is to provide the gnostic knowledge to anyone who is interested. Our classroom is in the Winterthur region. We have not decided on the next introductory evening yet, if you are interested please call us. Topic of the introduction: “What is Gnosis”, questions and answers:
Opening of courses of the gnostic public chamber (“Cámara Básica”) per request. Please call, email or whatsapp for the address of the classroom and for more information: +41 76 708 81 47,


Movimiento Gnostico

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Gnosis is the superior knowledge from the times long before millennial cultures. Gnosis is the teachings from the Great Masters, given to their disciples in secret. Masters like Moses, Solomon, Buddha, Krishna, Odin, Jesus Christ; masters from all cultures, like Manco Capac from the Incas, Quetzalcoatl from the high Mexican cultures, the Toltecs,  and many other Masters who came to the world for love to humanity. The latest master teaching publicly is known under the name Samael Aun Weor - our school is following his order, teaching in coincidence with the teachings of the Master of all times, Jesus Christ.

The existence of gnostic schools is public for the first time. Everybody is invited, there are no preconditions. The gnostic knowledge does not belong to us, hence gnostic courses are free of charge.

 For further information please contact us

+41 76 708 81 47